Turbo-Text provides multiple options of payment.

The two options are as follows:

$97.00/monthly on a month to month basis, no contracts, cancel any time.

$72.00/monthly paid in full bi-yearly (every 6 months) at $432.00 (25% savings compared to month-to-month plan over time), no contracts, cancel any time.



Upon activation of a 14-day free trial, there will be a proof of funds and verification pending charge. This will put a pending charge on your card on file to verify funds but is never actually charged and the pending charge is released instantly. This is for security purposes. You will not be charged the chosen service fee until 14 days surpasses.

You will automatically be charged the service fee you selected after 14-days unless self cancelled before-hand.

You agree that you are responsible for self managing your subscription payments & card updates by logging in here with the email used to sign up for Turbo-Text:

Users agree they are responsible for fully monitoring their active usage, billing and charges. Turbo-Text is not responsible for over-spending by the user and these charges are non-refundable.

User agrees that SMS/Text attempts whether successfully sent and or attempted and failed will still be charged by the carrier.

SMS/CALL Fees for the following may occur if activated:

Activating your custom phone number.

Sending your first texts/calls.

We include $20 worth of credits that will renew onto your account every 30 days.

A charge of an estimated range of $10 worth of credits will occur upon exceeding the included credit limit. This estimated $10 will be for use of SMS credits and Phone number credits. Each phone number will use $1.49 of credits/monthly. Each 160 character text will use/cost an estimated 1 cents of your balance. An SMS/Text message is defined by each group of 160 character segments (including spaces) of text.

You can view your credit balance any time under 'Settings > Company Billing'. This charge is because of the text/call billing system set up as thresholds (so you do not get charged every penny of every text/call as individual charges) As you begin sending texts, you will slowly see your remaining credit balance decrease as you send text campaigns.

Thresholds for text/call billing can be customized inside of your "Settings > Company Billing" to your liking and work as so:

When a user preloads their account with X amount of dollars for text/call credits, when the included credits are surpassed it will begin to deduct credits until the price of using those credits hits a "threshold" that you set, you will then be re-charged based off of how much you set to be billed when your text/call credits dollar amount threshold is met.

Threshold Example:

Threshold set to recharge your card when text/call credits get below $10 of credits remaining. When you hit this threshold auto-recharge and purchase X amount of dollars of credits.

When an account threshold balance is applied, the credit amount is non-refundable once applied to an account balance.

It is the users responsibility to pause any active campaigns to "draft" mode to stop any remaining campaigns from sending to prevent additional charges.

Charge balance can be delayed up to 24 hours, your shown balance may have additional charges still pending from texts/emails that were already sent and you will have additional charges if you have unpaid remaining balance after an account cancellation.

You may view exact cost of your usage by tapping on your Settings > Company Billing 'See More' under your threshold billing.

Pricing will occur as following:


$0.065 Cents/ Contact Phone Number



TO SEND: $ 0.0208/ min


TO RECIEVE: $ 0.0136/ min


Calls that are free for customers, making them ideal for your business.

TO SEND: $ 0.0169/ min

TO RECIEVE: $ 0.0286/ min

LOCAL SMS STARTING AT: (Per 160 Characters of text segment. Keep in mind, some texts have longer paragraphs which will be multiple segments. Additionally campaigns send multiple texts typically over a period of time)

TO SEND: $ 0.0097 cents

TO RECIEVE: $ 0.0097 cents


TO SEND: $ 0.026

TO RECIEVE $ 0.016


TO SEND: $ 0.0097 cents

TO RECIEVE: $ 0.0097 cents


TO SEND: $ 0.026

TO RECIEVE: $ 0.026


$1.49/month/Phone Number


Charged per email:


$10 will give you about 11390 emails


$0.117 /1000Words

$10 will give you about 85470 Words

Any declined payment will restrict a user from accessing or using continued features of Turbo-Text until all debt is resolved. If debt is not resolved within 7 days the account will be cancelled and the user removed from Turbo-Text along with all data, edits, conversations, phone numbers, and all other relative edits or custom setups will be deleted permanently.

Any and all remaining credit balance is non-fundable upon account cancellation.

Turbo-Text has a subscription refund policy of 30 days with the following guidelines:

Refunds are only available for the subscription amount charged within the last 30 days of requested cancellation.

Refunds can only be processed if the account was unused within the last 30 days of the requested cancellation and refund.

By signing up for Turbo-Text, you agree that these costs are estimations as additional per-use fees may include mobile carrier fees for SMS & Phone calls which are controlled by the receiving carriers.

You may view exact cost of your usage anytime by tapping on your Settings > Company Billing 'See More' under your threshold billing.

In the US and Canada, SMS and MMS carrier fees are typically small surcharges applied by mobile carriers on certain types of message traffic. Carrier fees, where applicable, are charged per message segment for SMS, and per message for MMS. These fee pass through to our customers.

Some carriers charge fees on long code SMS (messages sent from a 10-digit US/Canada number). Other carriers only charge fees for SMS sent from a short code number.

All fees, charges, and transactions will be viewable & accessible through your account dashboard for full transparency and on a per use basis. We recommend sending individual or small number of SMS/Phone usage to get a gauge at costs which can be view under your Settings > Billing > Credits > See more.

Current SMS cap is 5,000 SMS Segments per day, contact support if planning to send mass campaigns exceeding these amounts.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding our pricing.

Pricing Team: [email protected]



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